Xpense – Expense Manager (Android)

Project Description

Xpense will help you to manage your daily expenses and analyse them later. Xpense is a simple to use Expense Manager with has a lot of advanced features which will help you analyse your finances. There is very simple Overview Screen which shows you your recent activity, and there is more sophisticated overview in Statistics Screen. You can also use this app as a simple Expense Tracker.


1. Quick Add button
With almost always visible floating button you can easily and quickly add expense.
2. Quick Overview
Overview Screen gives you easy insight of your income distribution for categories. You can easily change time period to see how your spend money in the last: Day, Week, Month, etc…
3. History
You can check the history of your expenses for several different periods of time: Last Week, This Week, Yesterday, Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month.
4. Statistics
Statistics for your expenses. You can see what the amount of money you spend on selected categories in perspective of recent days, weeks and months.
5. Categories
You can add your own category or change the existing one. You have many beautiful colours to choose from when creating new Category.


Only Developer of the project.

Used Technologies


Kotlin, Git


Support Library, Design Library, Locations, Analytics


Dagger, Retrofit, Picasso, About Libraries, Sugar ORM, BetterPickers, HelloCharts