Code Generation Plugin Android Studio/IntelliJ IDEA


Originator and Author of the plugin.


  •   – generating Activity Class code from layout
  •   – generating Fragment Class code from layout
  •   – generating Adapter Class code from item layout
  •   – generating Menu code from menu xml
  •   – creating files from code
  •   – preview screen with generated code that can be modified before creation of file
  •   – detection of project package
  •   – detection of source directories in project
  •   – settings in Preferences with editable template for each option: Activity, Fragment, Adapter, Menu

Project Description

Android Code Generator Plugin for Android Studio/IntelliJ IDEA was created to accelerate the process of creating or developing Android applications. Every Activity needs to have corresponding XML layout, and Activity contains all the wiring up code like:

  •   – fields for all required Views
  •   – assigning fields to actual objects (findViewById() method)
  •   – wiring up listeners to buttons (setOnClickListener() method) etc…

Instead of writing this code, plugin creates that code for you.

More Info

 Check project on Github

 Check full description

 Check JetBrains Repository