High Quality Code

With good Object-Oriented practices and knowledge of useful frameworks (IoC - Objection) produced code always have highest quality, which makes it easy to maintain over time.

Data Storage

Ability to organize the application data flexibly and efficiently. For app to have flexibility in development, and be very quick in usage.

Useful Libraries

Knowing Useful Libraries like: XLForm, SVProgressHUD, QuickDialog, etc...

iOS Skills

I have started programming for iOS platform about 1,5 years ago. I contributed to 3 big projects during that time. Some of the work (the one that can be shown) is in my Portfolio.

I went from being a junior programmer to running the last project all by myself from the beginning. I am capable of delivering successful product; an application that looks good, have test coverage and can be easily maintained (have high code quality).

iOS Platform Experience

Sufficient enough knowledge about platform to develop application from the beginning to the end.

Facebook integration

Experience in writing an app that had Facebook integration using the newest SDK.

Location and Map

Experience in writing apps using Maps and Location Services.

Application Testing

Good theoretical and practical knowledge of Test Driven Development, and application testing. Fluency in using libraries like: Expecta, OCMockito, OCMock, Specta.

Experience with Client-Server Apps

Most of apps that I worked on had client-server communication, with either XML or JSON as data format. I am familiar with useful libraries (this makes the implementations simpler) that can be used in such cases like: Mantle, AFNetworking

Good knowledge of AppCode

Working with AppCode for the last 1,5 years. Knowing all the necessary shortcuts for refactoring, code generation etc.

Cocoa Pods

Experience with CocoaPods. It is a dependency manager for Objective-C projects.

Payments Integration - Stripe

Experience integrating 'Stripe Payment System' into app.