High Quality Code

With good Object-Oriented practices and knowledge of useful frameworks (IoC - Dagger, Roboguice) produced code always have highest quality.

Data Storage

Ability to organize the application data flexibly and efficiently, to have flexibility in development, and very quick in usage. Experience with ORM libraries (OrmLite).

Google Cloud Messaging

Experience with writing few apps that use Google Cloud Messaging, as well as others Google API's.

Android Skills

Android is my favorite technology. I worked on Android (with breaks) for the last 3,5 years. During that time I finished many projects. Some of them are in my portfolio.

I like to keep myself up to date with the newest Frameworks, Design and architectural Guidelines. I want for all of my work to look good outside as well as inside (code).

I value ‘Test Driven Development’ and ‘Code Refactoring’, which gives long-term benefits for projects. I am a believer and I apply this practices even in my own/open-source projects with good effects.

Android Platform Knowledge

I like and try as much as I can be up to date with the newest Android API's as well as Android related Open Source Frameworks


Experience in writing apps that had Facebook integration using the newest SDK. Implementing such features as: Login, Sharing, Inviting Friends.

Knowledge of Support Library

Familiarity with Android Support Library, which helps writing universal apps which will work and look good on different Android Versions.

Application Testing

Good theoretical and practical knowledge of Test Driven Development, and application testing. Using Android/Java libraries: Junit, Mockito, Robolectric, Fest-Assert, Hamcrest.

Experience with Client-Server Apps

Most of apps that I worked on had client-server communication, with either XML or JSON as data format. I am familiar with useful libraries (this makes the implementations simpler) that can be used in such cases like: Retrofit, Gson, Jackson.

Build Tools

Experience most popular Android build tools (Maven and Gradle), to automatize application building process.

Location and Map

Experience in writing apps using Maps and Location Services.

Good knowledge of Intellij IDEA

Working with 'Intellij IDEA' on daily bases for the last 2 years. Knowing all the necessary shortcuts for refactoring, code generation etc.

Good Knowledge of Android Studio

Working with 'Android Studio' from some time. Being very fluent thanks to its similarity to 'IntelliJ IDEA'.

Experience with Eclipse

Before 'IntelliJ IDEA' I worked on Eclipse, although I do not use it anymore I still know how to use it efficiently.