Hi, I am Tomasz.

I develop top quality Android Apps.

I am always open to new challenges so if you have any ideas and would like to collaborate please contact me.
You can do it either through social media or just send me an email.

Tomasz Morcinek

Developer - Engineer - Architect - Team Leader

Professionally I am a software engineer with about 8 years of experience. I specialize in Java and Kotlin, although I had experience with Objective-C and Swift. What I most like is creating an app from the beginning where I can design the architecture, prepare a scaffold so the development is smooth and maintainability easy. I also write unit and UI test whenever I feel it is necessary. 

Below there are some aspects of my life that in my opinion define me as a person. Those activities are significant for me as much as my professional work. 

Passionate footballer

From the time I was able to walk, I played football. First with my friends on the playground, later I joined a local team where over time I moved to the senior team. When I started university I had to move out to a bigger City but I got into the university futsal team. Now I play not competitively, but it’s still fun. 🙂


Thanks to football and genes I have quite good stamina, in school, I was usually the first pick for cross-country races. It’s still one of my favorite ways to spend time actively. I try to take part in some competitions (the photo is from 10k). In 2018 I am going to run a marathon.

Book reader

In my relax time I like to read books. I like Murakami, psychology and eastern religions. If you want to see more check out my profile: goodreads/tmorcinek


I like to learn new things without being forced to it. I left University to take Education into my own hands. Most recently I have been studying Mandarine Language at Mandarin Training Center in Taiwan.

Cultural Explorer

I am interested in Eastern cultures, it started with Wing-Tsun Kung-Fu training. Through martial-arts practice, I got to know people and I got interested in other spiritual practices like meditation.


I have left my hometown when I was 18 since then I have been moving around. During my Adult life, I have been living in Kraków, Warsaw, London, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Saigon and most recently Taipei. In addition to that, I have traveled to about 20+ countries.

Current Projects

I have worked on many projects in the past, below are most recent ones in which I am still involved.